In 1963 David Olgivy, considered the father of the modern advertising industry (think Mad Men) did the unthinkable.  He published a book, Confessions of an Advertising Man, that gave away all the secrets he used to run his company.  His competitors thought he was crazy for giving away trade secrets, while clients devoured the information so they could fire their ad agency.

Two things happened.

The book became a best seller, and Olgivy & Mather (now a part of the WPP Group), continues to be one of the largest advertising and public relation companies in the world.

While this humble blog won’t compare itself to a book that launched a worldwide brand, we hope the information it imparts is just as impactful.  Here you’ll find industry information, links to foster ideas, tips on marketing and methods to improve your marketing and booking success rate.  You’ll learn what industry masters of buying and booking need for their venues along with performance opportunities from corporate, non-profit and grant-based avenues.  Updated weekly on Monday, and more often as news arises, we hope to provide resources and curated information to assist your journey as a working performer.  Welcome!

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