There is an organization for just about every facet of life – and the opportunities are endless especially if you view life as a business.  How’s that?!!

Think about something life orientated – something stupid.  Let’s say toenails.  Now think of the business of toenails.  Did you know there’s a toenail association?  Seriously.  A keyword search of toenail associations leads to the American Podiatric Medical Association, who just completed their annual conference complete with speakers, a sunrise stretch and an evening reception.  This one conference alone contains opportunities for speakers, trainers and even possibly musicians.  See how that works?  The world of speaking (and performing) can be as vast as the mind can fathom with every imaginable business forming a consortium of like minded individuals all hosting at least one event annually to benefit their constituency. These annual events all contain numerous opportunities for a savvy marketer to tap into.  It’s a research heavy endeavor to be sure, but as you think of your niche and the targeted opportunities it can lead to, the buying community starts to unfold.  Marry this research information with a few professional  organization membership rosters, and you have a sure fire way of increasing your brand visibility and moving quickly along the path to filling your calendar with performance and speaking engagements dates! 

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