You’ve amassed lists of buyers from your networking and keyword research efforts.  Now what??? 

You want to create a data set of information on the organizations in question so you can make a targeted pitch. This is a labor intensive exercise but very necessary in order to increase your booking success rate. Start by performing an online search on the venue, which will yield information on prior bookings. A review of the surrounding area provides demographics, while a quick peek at the competition will let you know what genres are successful in that area.  By compiling these buckets of information into a data set of your design, you’ll have a great snapshot of the organization and market that will allow you to accurately determine if that market would be receptive to your pitch and a good home for your program. 

There’s nothing worse then sending a marketing communication to someone that’s completely irrelevant. It’s a great way to piss people off, makes an annoying first impression and sours any working relationship you hoped to have. Don’t do that!  Buyers are busy people and while they have a mission to secure talent for their venues, the overarching goal is to make money, so if your program is not something that fits their historical demographics you’re wasting their time and yours.  Don’t tarnish your reputation by being labeled or thought of as an irrelevant time suck.

(this graphic is of a simple data set created from an Microsoft Excel template. customize with field names that are most relevant to you and you’re on your way to creating your tribe of buyers. Google Pages works also, as would a simple text document, however Excel and Pages provide better sorting functions, something you’ll appreciate as your list grows!)