So this neatly organized data set you just created is going to be your goldmine!   You’ll mine this list again and again as you reach out to your contacts via email, phone and in-person, or video, meetings to book shows and performances.    

Yes, this is a whole separate business that must be operated while you’re simultaneously creating your art.  Sucks but that’s the truthful reality. And while there are companies like this one who specialize on managing the business functions of creativity, any artist taking the DIY route will have to perform the functions for themselves.

The easiest, but seemingly the most daunting, task of this hunt for gold is the cold call.  In a world of electronic ease, yes, sending an email is good, a text better if you’re on that level, but nothing beats a phone call with someone to get the questions (and answers) out.  With the research in front of you, this can be a warm call as you know what works in their region and are coming with comparable product.  If you’re not comfortable extemporaneously, then create a script of sorts to guide you through a sales conversation.  Educate, or remind, the buyer of who you are, why your program works for them and the value you bring to their organization based on your research.  Your goal is to have a dialogue, not recite a monologue, so engage in conversation and do note any feedback or information they provide.  Perform any follow up tasks and record the exchange in your data file.  That’s one down.  I wish you thousands more to go! 

7/24 Talent Marketing is a hybrid company designed to assist artists in finding work.  Licensed as a talent agency, we employ marketing strategies and publicity practices to develop an artist’s saleability.  Working regionally or nationally, 7/24 Talent Marketing partners with artists to create the market, the message and the medium necessary to book performances.   Can 7/24 Talent be of assistance to your performance goals?  Let’s have an exploratory conversation to find out! Call or email to request a consultation.

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